8 Pros + 8 Cons of a Daily Routine

There are dozens of articles on the benefits of building and following a daily routine. But there are just as many  posts that dispute the claims of routines, arguing they can be bad for you. So how do you know what advice is better? Only YOU can truly know yourself and your habits. Read the 8 pros and 8 cons of having a daily routine, and decide for yourself if you should follow one or not.


#1. You’ll be more efficient in setting & achieving goals.






#2. You’ll be less stressed, happier & healthier.






#3. You won’t procrastinate as much.






#4. You’ll follow through on your promises, making you more dependable.





#5. You’ll be used to the demands of “real life”: going to your job everyday, the kids’ bedtime, etc.






#6. You’ll learn more & become better at what you’re doing.






#7. Your life will have more structure.






#8. You’ll find your “flow” faster (a state of ultra-focused consciousness).







#1. Routines don’t work for everyone.






#2. They won’t immediately solve all your problems.






#3. Life is unpredictable & can get in the way of planned routines.






#4. You’ll risk boredom & monotony.






#5. You’ll stop growing (if you don’t add new goals & objectives).






#6. Not all routines are good for you.






#7. You may find less creativity & inspiration in your life.






#8. Routines are hard work & require total dedication.







Having daily routines is essential in life and beneficial – to a point. Routines can help you study better, work more efficiently, and have greater control over your life. But planning out every moment of every day is overdoing it. Take this advice: Build a daily routine around certain goals and block out time during the day to work on these goals. But also leave gaps for non-routine items and occasionally take an entire day off. You deserve it!

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