MyLeanMBA is an elearning startup based out of Madrid, Spain. This company was founded by Edouard Blin, a French engineer and former investment banker with a passion for education and a highly-skilled network of mentors, experts, and MBA professors.

MyLeanMBA offers a flexible and affordable business administration program called The Lean MBA. Studying just 15-30min/day during 1 year, you will master 12 strategic areas of business, from entrepreneurship to project management. See the curriculum for the Lean MBA program.

This program is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their business knowledge without sacrificing precious time and money. At just 299 total, the 1-year, online Lean MBA makes getting a business education easy! We already have an international community of 1,500+ students from over 60 countries– see their testimonials about our program.

This blog was created as a way to engage with people interested in pursuing an education in business administration; share knowledge on diverse business subjects; and provide advice for prospective students. Topics covered within this blog may include:

  • Online MBAs, MOOCs, Traditional MBA Degrees
  • Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups
  • Education, E-learning, EdTech
  • Leadership, Career/Personal Development
  • Much more!

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