Easiest Study Hacks – How to Ace Your Online Course

easiest study hacks myleanmbaSo you’ve decided to do an online course. That’s great! But online education can be very different than traditional education (in-class, in front of a teacher, surrounded by other students). Keep reading to discover 8 of the easiest study hacks for acing your online course.

1. Have a reliable internet connection: First things first: you must have a fast & quality internet connection. If you’re stuck dealing with dropped connections and slow processing speeds, you’ll never get through your first lesson, let alone the whole course.

2. Develop a consistent routine: Set a specific time to study every day or certain days of the week. Set reminders (like a phone alarm) so that you’re alerted when it’s time to study. Getting in a routine can be hard at first, but after a while you’ll be used to it – and maybe even look forward to it!

3. Block all distractions: Since you’re doing an online course, it’s easy to switch tabs to check Facebook or YouTube. Thankfully, there are several programs that can block specific websites/software while you’re studying. Make sure you also turn off your phone so the ringtone/vibrate isn’t constantly going off. Any other physical distractions (books, electronics, photos) should be kept out of sight, too.

4. Use headphones: Headphones are a good way to cancel out background noise and really zone in on what you’re doing. Alternatively, if you’re a music enthusiast, listening to music can help you increase productivity.

5. Get involved online: Even though you won’t be in a physical classroom, online courses often foster a global community of students.. Engage with other students and participate in class discussions. You may realize something about a lesson that didn’t initially occur to you.

6. Use all materials available: Many online courses provide extra readings and case studies. In order to get the most out of your experience, you’ll want to at least take a look at these extra materials. They’re there to supplement your learning. And you never know what you might find – or learn!

7. Write things down: It has been proven that writing down what you learn helps you remember better and achieve more. During your online course, use a notebook instead of your laptop to take notes of key points. When you review a lesson again, you’ll be able to follow along in your notes instead of having to switch back and forth between tabs.

8. Create incentives/rewards: Studying hard deserves to be rewarded. Set incentives for yourself for completing certain tasks or goals. Tell yourself that you can have a snack after x amount of time studying. Reward yourself with a break after x number of quiz questions answered correctly. You’ll find fun ways to motivate yourself!

Now that you’ve read MyLeanMBA’s list of the easiest study hacks, what are some of your favorite study hacks?

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