Frequently Asked Questions
What is the 10-day free trial?

myleanmbaWe offer a 10-day free trial of The Lean MBA program to let you sample our high-quality coursework and innovative teaching method. After these 10 days, you must pay the tuition in order to continue studying.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, click on the red “sign up” button in the top right corner of Or click on the green “try it free for 10 days” button in the center of the homepage.

You will be asked to enter your email and choose a start date. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. You must click on the blue “confirm now” button and follow the instructions to enter a password and personal information.

How long will the full program last?

The Lean MBA takes 1 year to complete.

What are the requirements to join The Lean MBA?

There are no requirements to study with MyLeanMBA. We have completely open admission – no documents, essay, or proof of degree will be requested from you. Simply sign up and start learning!

What language is the program taught in?

MyLeanMBA English languageThe Lean MBA is taught only in English. You must have a moderate to high level of English in order to fully understand Lean MBA lessons.

What is the level of the program?

The Lean MBA offers students a basic knowledge of 12 functional areas of business administration. This program does not go as in-depth as a traditional MBA program.

Our students come from both business and non-business backgrounds. The Lean MBA is formatted in a way that makes learning easy and fun, even with no prior knowledge of business topics.

Which 12 topics does the curriculum cover?
  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. General Management, Strategy, and Leadership
  3. Marketing & Sales
  4. Economics
  5. Statistics & Big Data
  6. Operations Management
  7. Business Law & Ethics
  8. Accounting
  9. Finance
  10. Human Resource Management
  11. International Business & Political Analysis
  12. Project & Quality Management

To see the full curriculum, click here.

Is The Lean MBA a Master’s degree?

No, it is not a Master’s degree. The Lean MBA is a professional certificate program.

Why is the program called “The Lean MBA?”

We are called “Lean MBA” because we teach the same core modules as a traditional MBA program, but in a “lean” way – meaning condensed, rapid, and flexible.

What do I get when I graduate?
The Lean MBA awards students a Certificate of Business Administration. To request our sample certificate, email us at

Upon graduation, you will receive our digital Certificate of Business Administration for free. However, if you would like a hard-copy of your certificate, we charge a shipping fee of 10-15€.

How long does each lesson last?

Each lesson takes 15-30 minutes, on average.

Is there a set time to do the lessons?

No. You can do the lessons anytime, based on your own schedule. However, you must complete each week’s lessons by the Sunday deadline (see below).

What are the weekly deadlines?

Every Monday, you will have access to a new set of lessons (usually 6-8 lessons, plus a checkpoint). You must complete these lessons and the checkpoint by Sunday at 23:59 GMT+1.

If you miss the Sunday deadline, you must use one of your hearts (see below) to be able to complete the checkpoint.

How does the heart system work?

MyLeanMBA heartsAt the beginning of the program, you start out with 3 hearts. You can use these hearts to make up missed checkpoints or when you are away on holiday/vacation. Note: when making up a checkpoint, your heart will only be used once you successfully pass the checkpoint.

If you run out of hearts, you will need to purchase more to be able to continue studying. The hearts cost: 1=25€, 2=40€, and 3=50€. 

How much does the program cost?

The Lean MBA costs 299€ (US $320) total.

How do I pay?

To pay, go to and login to your account. Click on the “upgrade” button.

There are 2 ways to pay: a 1-time payment of 299€ total. Or 12 monthly payments of 35€ each. The website only accepts credit card.

If you do not have a credit card, there is the option to pay via international bank transfer. Note: This is only accepted for the total payment (299€) and not for monthly payments. To find our more about this option, email us at

Where is MyLeanMBA based?

We are based in Madrid, Spain.

How can I get in contact with MyLeanMBA?

Email us at