The Lean MBA program led by Harvard MBA

Harvard Business School

What’s better than getting a certificate in business administration for the price of 299€ ($320)? Getting it from a program led by a Harvard MBA and former Adjunct Professor of Finance at HEC Paris. That’s The Lean MBA – a 1-year, 100% online program that teaches the same 12 modules of business administration as a traditional MBA, at a fraction of the price! Led by Danielle Levi-Feunteun, Program Director of The Lean MBA, this program achieves high-quality education standards while being financially viable and extremely flexible (just 15-30min/day studying!) More on Danielle below:

Danielle Levi-FeunteunDanielle Levi-Feunteun began her education in Engineering (something she has in common with MyLeanMBA Founder & CEO, Edouard Blin) at INSA Lyon in France (1963-1967). After this, she continued on with a PhD in Geophysics from Université Denis Diderot Paris VII (1967-1970). Finally, she gained her Master of Business Administration degree from the prestigious Harvard Business School, specializing in International Finance and Project Financing (1974-1976). Harvard Business School is continuously ranked among the top five business schools in the world.

ParisMost notable during her long career in the business world is her role as Adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance at HEC Paris between 1981 and 2009. HEC Paris is another elite business school, ranking among the top three in Europe and top 20 worldwide. Since 2010, she has also been an Adjunct Professor (Program Management & Finance) at École Centrale de Pékin, an Engineering school in Beijing, China. Alongside her other positions and board member roles at various companies and institutions, she is the Founder and CEO of her own company, PM-3L. This company “helps owners of very small businesses to sell or prepare for sale their business, stressing the cash issue.”

networkDanielle has a keen interest in small business and international business. Over the years, she has built up a network of lawyers, accountants, and executives across Europe, India, Brazil, the United States, and China. She also has access to a worldwide network of Harvard Business Schools alumni, especially in the USA and France divisions. Now, with The Lean MBA program, Danielle Levi-Feunteun has taken up the challenge of offering training in business administration for less than 1€/day, with less than 30min/day of study required. This program makes a quality education in business administration accessible to all!

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