Professions, motivations & future plans of Lean MBA students

The Lean MBA The Lean MBA is a 1-year, 100% online program in business administration, aimed at being a flexible and affordable solution for busy people. At MyLeanMBA, we wanted to find out more about the students in our online program, in order to better understand their backgrounds and reasons for studying. We also wanted to give them an opportunity to share their feedback, which we highly value and which we often use to make strategic changes to our program. In this blog article, you will discover information and statistics about students of The Lean MBA program.

Gender & Age

In the sample surveyed, 57% of students said they were male, 41% female, and 2% chose not to say.

The Lean MBA students gender

Additionally, more than 75% of our students are between the ages of 25-34 years old. Our lowest proportion of students come from the 18-24 and 50+ age groups. But, keep in mind that The Lean MBA has open admission, and students of all ages are welcome and encouraged to participate.


Our student sample had a wide range of professions and educational backgrounds. The most common industries our students are involved in are: Engineering, Aerospace, Telecoms. 

The Lean MBA students profession

Motivation for Studying

The Lean MBA students’ TOP motivation for studying business administration is to gain business skills and knowledge. Career advancement, unsurprisingly, was near the top as well. Practically none of the students in the survey said they studied business administration to simply fill their free time.

The Lean MBA students motivation

The main reason our students chose The Lean MBA over other programs is its flexible format. It’s true, our innovative program, which lets you study just 15-30 minutes per day is a huge perk for students – especially those with full time jobs and demanding social lives. The Lean MBA is the only online business administration program where students enjoy this much flexibility.

Future Plans

In keeping with the top motivations for studying business administration, many students plan to use their newly acquired business skills for career advancement within their current job. The responses we received from students about their next steps were, as you can see below, diverse. Many of the people who answered “other” told us that they were unsure about what they were going to do after they complete the program.

The Lean MBA students future plans

Biggest Program Benefits

We asked our students sample “What are the biggest benefits of The Lean MBA for you personally?” These are just a few of the responses we got back.

“Inspiration and knowledge hand in hand.”

“Finding out which are the most blatant gaps in my business knowledge.”

“The structured knowledge: although most of the provided information is available on the Internet, the fact that it is structured in a relatively consistent format is helpful to make sense of it.”

“User friendly, you can study everywhere.”

“I’m at a startup and I get to see all these theoretical things applied in practice by my colleagues in management, sales and marketing every day. This combination helps me to better connect with The Lean MBA as well as better understand my colleagues and their arguments.”

“I am learning a range of topics which I consider will be useful in my next career steps.”

Describing The Lean MBA

We also asked our students to list the 3 most common words they would use to describe The Lean MBA. The top 3 were: Flexible, low-cost, innovative.

The Lean MBA program description

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