What’s in Module 2 of The Lean MBA program?

bird leadershipModule 2 of The Lean MBA program covers six weeks of lessons in General Management, Leadership & Strategy. Seeing as that’s a wide focus area, let’s break down exactly what you’ll learn in this module.

Week 1: Get excellent communication skills (7 lessons)

You’ll jump right into communication in week one, learning it’s common motivations and typical forms. Active listening, emotional intelligence, the must-know presentation skills of content design, visual design, and stage performance are discussed, as well.

Week 2: Become a highly efficient person (8 lessons)

Week two is all about the tips and tricks of productivity, including to how to overcome procrastination, boost your focus level, develop good habits, and practice mindfulness. You’ll also study how to speed read!

Check out this sample lesson: Getting Things Done

Week 3: Leadership: types & best practices (7 lessons)

teamwork handsHow do you become a great leader? Let us tell you! Week 3 is focused on building and improving your leadership skills. You’ll learn about leading people and teams, inspiring and motivating individuals, managing talent, leading global businesses, and more.

Week 4: Strategic management (6 lessons)

Week 4 shows you how to properly implement company goals through strategic management. You’ll learn how to perform various analyses, including situation analysis, value chain analysis, and industry analysis. Plus, you’ll study competitive strategies and strategy frameworks.

Read our blog post about 2 types of situation analysis: SWOT & PEST

Week 5: Organizational management (6 lessons)

Continuing your education in management, week 5 delves into organizational management, which focuses planning and controlling all company resources. You’ll study organizational structure, general management, decision-making, change management, and impact management.

Week 6: Case studies (5 lessons)

ikea storeThe final week in Module 2 will focus on 3 case studies: IKEA, Tesco, and Kellogg’s. It will also feature a short recap of the entire module, so that you’re up to date on all of the information before the final checkpoint.

To see the full curriculum of the 1-year, 100% online Lean MBA program, click here.

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