Student Spotlight: Pierre Supau & La Fab Paris phone cases

Student Spotlight showcases the stories and projects of Lean MBA students.

Pierre Supau La Fab Paris student Pierre Supau is a member of the November 2016 class of The Lean MBA program. He is an Arts & Métiers engineer from Paris, France, as well as a budding entrepreneur.

Pierre is the Founder and CEO of La Fab Paris. Since 2014, they have been making high-quality, customized, made-in-France mobile phone cases and leather-made goods. Located in Paris’ 18th arrondissement, it is the only factory of its kind in Western Europe. Being at the heart of their customer base in Paris lets them enjoy strong reactivity among their clients, who value La Fab’s top-of-the-line leather, printed, and embossed products.

As a new entrepreneur, Pierre had been wanting to gain new skills to broaden his career scope. Although he had originally planned on getting a business education before venturing into entrepreneurship, the lack of time and money prevented him from doing this. So, he’s taking The Lean MBA program while running the La Fab Paris company.

“MyLeanMBA helped me to conciliate my busy schedule and thirst for knowledge,” he says. He is also taking Python courses to learn more about programming and web/app development. In 5-10 years, Pierre hopes to be creating new businesses, as he says, “thanks to the contribution of his new business administration skills.” He would ideally like to expand La Fab and open many more factories through increasing automatization.

Check out the photo gallery of La Fab products.

Although Pierre is in the business of phone accessories, he is a huge fan of techno and house music. “I’m never far from a record shop,” he notes.

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