Student Spotlight: Nikolaos Christianos & iKeyBnB

Student Spotlight showcases the stories and projects of Lean MBA students.

Nikolaos iKeyBnbNikolaos Christianos is part of the February 2017 class of The Lean MBA program. He is a 32-year-old from Poligiros (a small city in northern Greece), but currently living in Barcelona, Spain. His background is in electrical and computer engineering, and he worked for 5 years at two multinational companies, Intel Corp. and Broadcom.

For the last 6 months, Nikolaos has been running iKeyBnb, an innovative new startup that provides an alternative way to do key exchange for Barcelona vacation rentals. He is the co-founder of this company alongside his business partner, Athanasios Bitsinis. Find iKeyBnB on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

So how does iKeyBnB work? The key exchange process goes as follows:

When a vacation rental owner or an airbnb host is not able to meet with their guest, they can use the iKeyBnB service to hand over the keys to them. They only need to register at and select which automatic iKeyBnB machine they wish to use. We then provide them an unlock code (QR code) for the selected machine. After they have dropped off the keys in the machine, they just need to forward the unlock code to their guests! The iKeyBnB service is available 24/7/365!

With no background in business administration, Nikolaos felt that he needed to gain basic business knowledge in order to be able to run his startup. “With The Lean MBA, you get exposed to all the different aspects of an MBA, at the same time having flexibility with the classes, and of course, an affordable price,” he says.

Within 5 years, he wants to see himself have a successful exit from his startup. 10 years down the road he’d like to have started another venture, maybe one that he doesn’t yet have an idea for! “Business administration can help me realize these goals” he says.

Random facts about Nikolaos:

  • He doesn’t like the most-famous Greek food, moussaka.
  • He enjoys watching and playing basketball.

Want to get in contact with Nikolaos? Send him an email.

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