Student Spotlight: Benny Price of Wellington, New Zealand

Student Spotlight showcases the stories and projects of Lean MBA students.

Benny Price New Zealand Lean MBA studentBenny Price is a member of the November 2016 class of The Lean MBA program. He is a 48-year-old born in London, UK, raised in the Solomon Islands, and currently living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Benny is a Chartered Accountant, but he works in the field of Audit/Risk Management. His current position is Head of Risk & Assurance for Contact Energy, a gas, electricity, and LPG provider in New Zealand. Besides work, Benny is involved in his local church and enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, chess, Starcraft, and reading theology. 

Mr. Price joined The Lean MBA program as a structured way to stay up-to-date on developments in the business world. “I was concerned more formal study would not be sustainable on top of my busy work and family/church life,” he says. The Lean MBA was a good “in-between” for him – it holds students accountable for reading the materials and completing the lessons, without being overwhelming.

“I’ve been loving it” he says. Benny has been most impressed with the wealth of information within each week’s lessons, plus the optional, additional content that provides a deeper explanation for those who want it. Based on his progress over the first few months and the benefits of being exposed to new ideas and current thinking, Benny has also enrolled in a formal Master’s course at Southern Institute of Technology, on top of continuing his Lean MBA lessons!

In 5-10 years, Mr. Price says he would love to be running his own business – either in addition to or instead of working in the Risk/Assurance field. His favorite module of The Lean MBA so far was Entrepreneurship. “I really felt inspired by the Entrepreneurship Module to find my destiny,” he says.

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